Saturday, December 10, 2011

Siento bonita.

I know I know! I disappeared.
But, I needed some space. Some serious space.
And where better to find inspiration and space than in Costa Rica with three fabulous women by your side.
Here it is...what we ate, saw, met and of course,
what we wore.

80's jumpsuit. Squarseville, Los Feliz.
Studded belt. Squaresville, Los Feliz.
Rhinestone sandals, Macys clearence.

Bandeaux top. Junk For Joy, Burbank.
Belt. stolen from my mommas closet.
Vintage shorts. Swift Vintage.


Earrings. Costa Rica.
80's bathing suit. Stolen from my mommas closet.

Denim Jacket. Charlotte Rouse.
Spandex 90's dress. 33 Rooms, Burbank.
Gold heels. Stolen from my mommas closet.

90's Contempo dress. Thrifted.
Note to fashionista travelers:
Yes, we all want to bring our WHOLE jewelery case.
But, to save time and room for fabulous clothing,
I suggest taking a few pairs of gold and silver hoops to dress up any outfit.
Simple yet chic.

Tank. Material Girl, Macy's.
Skirt. A gift from Jamie.
Vintage shoes. Squarseville, Los Feliz.
Necklace. Thrifted.
Earrings. Reanniscance fair.

Silver bandeaux top. A gift from Aldo.
Sheer pants. Swift Vintage.
Red Shoes. Kimichi Blue.
( I'm not going to lie, I did spend some money on those shoes. It's the most expensive thing in my closet. But they were haunting me in my sleep so I had to do it.)

I bought the necklace for Jamie!

Golden Girls turquoise frock. Swift Vintage.
Neon Spandex dress. Thrifted.
Belt. Thrifted.

Guess who bought Elizabeth that necklace for her birthday....
don't play dumb.

Sunglasses. Gas station gold.
Necklace. Hot mess vintage. Silverlake, ca.

Fly girl Jacket. Thrifted.

Spandex lace dress. Thrifted.

What an amazing trip with amazing friends in an amazing country.
I feel so blessed to have seen it all.
Thank you Costa Rica.
You know how to make a girl feel pretty.