Friday, October 21, 2011

Let them eat cake! And cream puffs, and chicken skewers and mini brownies and...

Last night,
the wifey and I attended the 2011 Legacy Awards at the Directors Guild Of America in Los Angeles.
The Legacy Project works with the UCLA Film & Television archive program in the preservation of LGBT moving images.
The ceremony was hosted by the ever outlandish and talented Jennifer Lewis.
An amazing entertainer who worked the crowd so hard,
there was a point where my still body managed to start sweating as if it had just ran at a track meet.
and I did I fail to mention she worked me while wearing a yellow robe with the title "Diva" sewn onto the back?
That happened.
Jennifer Lewis, you win.

The event went on to award director/choreographer Adam Shankman
and the Lifetime channel for their achievements and dedicated work to the LGBT community.

It really was such a beautiful night
and the wifey and I felt so honored to be a part of it all.
in all seriousness,
let's talk about what we wore!!!

We had ourselves a little photo shoot on the stairway of our apartment building.
We thought it'd be a great way to remember our first awards ceremony.
Here we are,
feeling like a million bucks
and walking down the graffiti-ed stairway that leads us to the tiny two-bedroom
we call home.
True Dime Store Diamonds.
Black suit. Express.
Black Dress shoes. Aldo Shoes.
Vintage tie. A gift from a friend.
Antique Pin. A gift from Adrian.
Glasses. Express.

The dress!!!
A recreated vintage piece handmade by the lovely Carrie Diaz of Swift Vintage in Burbank.

I wasn't sure what look I wanted to go for at this event.
I was torn between classic vintage or something funky and loud.
This dress managed to marry those two ideas and make me feel like a Goddess.
Paired with a pair of Pink vintage heels (thrifted)
and sans jewelery because I thought the dress needed to stand on its own.
And it did.

Let's be real.
Aldo and I ate everything in sight.
classy events mean:
a bunch of free food that no one is going to eat because they're too busy looking good and feeling skinny.
Thank the bees for Aldo and I.
Cause someone had to eat the food.
And we're always happy to sacrifice our waistlines for some oral deliciousness.

The Wifey Vs. The Cream Puff.
Guess who won.

Leopard bow tie!!!!

So, when Aldo and I got there,
I managed to ruin our "red carpet" moment by asking one of the volunteers where the entrance was.
In my mind,
I figured they would point us along the direction of the red carpet,
because that would make sense,
but instead the volunteer replied "oh, just go through this door"
and like little rejects we managed to walk BEHIND the red carpet.
But you know what,
I bet no one has ever looked that good behind the red carpet.
Just sayin.
Aldo giving me attitude over the fact that I made him walk behind the red carpet.

On our way out, we turned the red carpet into a photo shoot opportunity.
I don't know who this man is, but clearly he wanted in.
And we looked danm good doing it.

The wifey looking sharp at a local Thai restaurant by our place.
you know,
we didn't eat enough food at the event.

Dear Legacy awards, Cream Puff girl, Carrie Diaz, the wifey and all who helped create last nights event,
thank you.
You made me feel oh,
so pretty.

To support and find out more information on the Legacy Project click HERE.

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  1. the dress what a great color combination! by the way as usual you look lovely.