Monday, September 12, 2011

Tea Party for two.

The Wifey and I were invited to a Tea Party Birthday Bash at the Griffith Park Carousel. Unfortunately, due to car and stomach problems, we arrived late and missed all the festivities.
after getting some food in our hurting bellies,
we still had a photo shoot to commemorate our awesome tea party-themed outfits.

Hot Mess Vintage. Silverlake.
Too cute.

Bright Blue jeans.
Cielo Jeans from the Panorama City Mall

Black wool vest and nerdy glasses. Express.

Gold tie, a gift for my BFF. Thrifted
Vintage green shirt. Buffalo Exchange.

Yellow/green argyle socks. Gold-toe, Macy's.
Black leather dress shoes. Aldo.

Lime Green dreams and the story behind this awesome dress...

In Aldo's words:
"My dear friend Joetta was having a garage sale in Seattle, Washington.
I saw this very interesting looking dress that no longer fit my dear friend...
but after 19 years of knowing Natalya,
I knew for a fact this FUGLY dress would fit her like a glove.
I went to Jamie's Tailor in Valencia, California and had them shorten the sleeves to makes them 3 quarter sleeves.
I also personally removed the "non-matching" hideous overlay of the skirt,
since I felt that the solid lime green underneath would stand out with the hues in the beautiful floral pattern of the top part of the dress.
Jamie's tailor also shortened the skirt to show off my BFF's legs ;)
All in all, when I saw the finished product, I was very very pleased!"

As was I!
Paired with a vintage brown and gold belt. Swift Vintage.

Align Center 90's Steve Madden clogs.
A gift from my father when clogs were cool.

My favorite part of this fashion blog is living up to the idea of low cost fabulous-ness.
With that in mind,
placing your camera on a brick wall and setting it to the 10 second timer while running as fast as you can to get a fierce picture with your honey bunny,
is pretty low cost fabulous.
Here's to garage sales,
Panorama city mall
and the ten second timer for making a girl feel pretty!


  1. That dress had an amazing transformation!

  2. How creative are you!