Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If you're going to San Francisco....

I took a trip up to San Francisco for some business but mainly leisure this past weekend.
I would love to discuss, in detail,
what happened at every moment of the day but instead,
I've left you a handful of photos to represent the time that was had.
Too much amazing-ness happened in that delicious Sundae of a city,
and what we wore was the cherry on top.

San Francisco Day 1.
On the road...

Truck Stop Photoshoot.



Riding up North like a Fly Girl.
90's overalls. 33 rooms, Burbank.
Black Boots. Panorama Mall.
Vintage Belt, stolen from My mommas closet.

Arrived in San Francisco around 6pm to the love that is Jessica.

Night out on the town Part 1.

Vintage Flapper Skirt.
80's leopard trim hat. Thrifted.
Black leotard. American Apparel. Thrifted.
Leopard and gold earring. Thrifted.

Vintage lace up platforms. Squarseville. Los Feliz.

San Francisco Day 2.
What a cutie.

Vintage "Ideas" Romper. Thrifted. American Way, Burbank.
Black Boots. Panorama Mall.
Black belt. Stolen from my mommas closet.
Juicy Couture Jacket. Stolen from Jessica's Closet.
Vintage Donna Karen Sunglasses. Stolen from my sisters closet.
Door knocker earrings. A gift from Erica.

Yeah, there's fries in that sandwich.
I know.

Night out in San Francisco Part 2.
Boot cut jeans, tie, extra slim fit 1MX shirt, glasses. Express
Western belt buckle.
Vintage Levi's "borrowed from my high school's costume department"

Gingham patterned trench.
Vintage Kenneth Cole, from Crossroads, Seattle

Vintage boots. Hippopotamus, from Wasteland, Burbank.

Vintage fur vest. American Vintage. Hollywood.
Brown cowboy boots. Stolen from my mommas closet.

Vintage, High Waisted pants with Golden Leopard Buttons. Thrifted.

Spandex, Velour, Leopard unitard. American Vintage. Los Feliz.

Vintage Elephant earrings. American Vintage. Hollywood.

Align CenterJessica and Gisele.


Jessicas Solution to foot pain and a need to keep having fun.
Blue Slippers courtesy of Walgreens.

San Francisco Day 3.

Vera and her red shoes.


The Legend of Zelda Hylian shield belt buckle. Hot Topic.
Ultra Skinny jeans, grey high top sneakers, and glasses. Express

Striped color block tank top. Pac Sun.

This outfit actually deserves a good breakdown.
I scrambled to find an appropriate outfit for a Folsom Fair day in San Fran.
This whole outfit was created in two days by shopping at two stores in San Francisco and San Jose.
Besides the bustier,
which was $29 (and I accepted it only because it was new),
the whole outfit cost about $20.
Doesn't cost much to feel beautiful.

Red Boots. Thrifted. San Jose.
Red Bustier. Leather Outlet, San Francisco.

Fringe 80's Jacket. Found in a dump bag from Adrian.

Vintage Belt. Thrifted. San Jose.

Puff Paint Kitty Aplique, high wasted Jeans. Thrifted. San Francisco.
My new obsession.
Puff Paint!!!!

Chola Fierce.
Hair creation by Rick.

San Francisco Day 4.

"The Best Girls Are Black" T shirt.
Urban Outfitters circa 2002.

4 days in San Francisco,
amazing friends,
delicious food
and thrifted clothing.
Can you say,
"I feel pretty"?
Why, yes I can.

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