Wednesday, September 7, 2011

They're Back.

When you've been with someone for as long as I've been with my Honey Bunny,
(19 years and counting!)
it can get comfortable.
Not comfortable in a bad way.
I mean, I feel more than blessed for having someone in my life who knows me inside and out. But comfortable in a way where you forget the passion.
Yes, even in best friend relationships you must stimulate the passion!
Or at least, that's how we feel.

So after a crazy two weeks of work and a free Tuesday,
the wifey and I heated it up museum style.

We started our day date with the intention of going to the "Beauty-Culture" exhibit at the Annenberg,
but after driving into the parking lot and being informed that the museum is closed Mondays and Tuesdays
(random, right?)
we decided to hit up an even better spot.

The New Dinosaur hall at The Natural History Museum!

Like I've mentioned in a previous post,
one of the many common loves the wifey and I share are a fascination for all that is Dino.
So it was only appropriate to be hand in hand while taking in some Dino love.
Here's some photos from our day.

A homemade Arepa breakfast made from scratch by the wifey.
I washed dishes.

Sharp Tooth and a Three Horn arguing over who's cooler.
Sara or Little Foot?

Military Signature Polo. Express.
Vintage Levi's cowboy belt. Thrifted.

Jeans, tore up and turned into shorts. American Eagle.
Boat shoes. Sperry's.

Vintage bathing suit top.
Skirt. A gift from Jamie.
Vintage Belt. Thrifted.
Cowboy shoes. Stolen from my Mommas closet.

Vintage French Spectacle. Melrose Flea market.
Purse. Thrifted.

I wonder if this Dino had her own fashion blog?

As if.

A hair on Aldos knuckle.
The prettiest hair in the world.

Being completely inappropriate with the animal displays.

Nothing but love.

An enchilada, cactus and chorizo plate and a Mexican Coke to end a perfect day.

There are so many films I could recommend that influenced my love for the Dino kind.
But when I was at the Museum I couldn't help but notice all the children beaming with love and excitement over our Dino friends.
Like I used to.
an amazing film that goes unnoticed and really captures the innocence of a child's love for the Jurassic is a little flick I love called "We're Back".
Watch it.
And feel pretty.


  1. that natural history museum was our first runner up for wedding locations. also, the html for the video is off. you might want to adjust it.

  2. Is We're Back the animated movie where the dinosaurs are trapped in the carnival?