Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time to go mad.

10 years ago Cinespia began screening classic films in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery of Los Angeles.
Over time the event has blown up making it almost impossible to just show up and expect to catch a flick.
I had only visited once prior for Stanley Kubricks "Lolita"
but fell asleep halfway through because I had a cold and should have been resting in bed!
I would.

5 years later,
Jamie decided to give me another chance at the Cinespia experience and reserve tickets to see Alfred Hitchcocks "Psycho"!!!!

before anything,
let me let you in on a little secret....
I love scary movies.
Excuse me...

I mean, it's kinda what I do.
I dress fashionably and I watch scary movies.
But to my embarrassment and to the shock of my friends
I have never seen any of Alfred Hitchcocks films.
None. Zip. Nada.

So I was beyond excited to finally experience the Master of Horror on the big screen.
Inspired by Phsyco...

The genius.
Sporting a nude bodysuit with a red skirt to signify the bloody shower scene.
Too smart.

Leotard. Stolen from my closet.
Red Skirt. Stolen from her mama closet.
Vintage Belt. Stolen from her mommas closet.

Shoes. Top Shop, London. $15.

The man and me.
Natalya and Alfred Hitchcock sitting in a tree...

Vintage Donna Karren Jacket. Thrifted.
Vintage Slip. Thrifted.
Vintage black belt. Thrifted.

This antique sword reminded me of the knife from the shower scene.

Hubba Hubba, Burbank.

Chunky 90's heels. My new obsession.
Thrifted in Oakland, Ca.

Norman Bates meet your biggest fan...

Vintage Shoes. Thrifted gift from Stephanie.

Check out my Honey Bunny's finger wave.

Sandwiches and treats brought to you by Miss Jamie.
But I did bring the Pomegranate Limeade.
Cause I don't make things.

Let it be known that the wifey and I couldn't stop beaming after the showing.
That was one of the best films I've seen in a very long time!
And i find it interesting that I had to reach back to 1960 to find it.
So I'm ending this post with two letters.
Dear Hollywood, can you make great movies again?!
And last but not least...
Dear Alfred Hitchcock,
thanks for helping me feel pretty.
I like your style.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

A while back,
one of my favorite customers at work bought a new camera.
She decided to take pictures of my ever evolving hair styles as her first camera project.
Enjoy the ch ch changessssss!

Special thanks to my favorite double latte addict,
Miss Laurie.
Thank you for your inspiring energy and making a girl feel pretty.

Unbreak my heart.... do I explain one of the shittiest situations ever?
Let's see......
all my photos from Hawaii were deleted.
Sorry guys, it's the truth.

My camera was acting up while on my trip and as I got back the memory card decided to combust and all my memories faded away.

There were a few photos taken by my mother but none seem to be up to par so I'd rather just leave the trip the way it was.
In my head.
I'm sorry.
In the meantime, here's Toni Braxton singing a song that somehow relates to my feelings toward technology.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shout out!!!!! Part Trois!!!

Hey there!!
Just got back from what I will sum up as an interesting and informative trip from Hawaii. Pictures and stories to coming soon!
In the meantime,
we got another shout out!
The lovely Brette Sims,
whom I interviewed in a previous post,
has coined me as Stuk Designs "August Renaissance Woman of the Month".
I feel so blessed and honored to have been chosen and absolutely adore Brette and the goals she has as an artist.
To check out the interview, click HERE.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh those little bubbles!

In the past two months I've overcome a nasty illness,
moved in with the wifey,
totalled my car in an accident
and been blessed with endless amounts of projects and job offerings.
I've never felt more overwhelmed and grateful to be alive.
Yet, as I've mentioned before, I've been searching for inspiration.

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for my first ever "family vacation" to Hawaii.
first family vacation since 1995.
When my family unanimously decided "family vacations" weren't meant for us.
We're honest people.
A huge part of me has been nervous over this whole "family" thing but these past two weeks I've been filled with anticiPATION.
I can not wait!!!!
I need it.
I need to sit around, read a book and mediate in the sun alongside the beautiful ocean and gawk over tanned surfers.
Cause I have the right!
Yes there will be infamous family arguments and disagreemetns,
but there will also be SUN and WATER and TREES and COLORS!!!!!!!!!
LOTS OF COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, I'm lucky to have this opportunity, so I'm going to take it!

I'll be gone for a week
and when I get back I will have endless amounts of photos to share with you.
I'm also looking forward to coming back completely and utterly inspired.

This past tuesday I spent the morning with the Wifey and Jamie at Hansen Dam.
We only took a few shots, but you can just feel our happiness exuding through the film.

Bathing Suit. Target.
Shoes. Charlotte Rouse.
Hat. Vintage Liz Claiborne stolen from my Mommas closet.

And as my farewell song...

I mean....ALOHA!

Come and Knock on our door.

Can't seem to get enough of these two lately.

Threes Company Episode 1 by Paulleahs