Friday, July 22, 2011

Brown eyed girl.

She has these eyes.
These deep, dark, almond eyes.
The type of eyes that get looked over for the brighter kind.
But these eyes hold just as much beauty as their multi colored counter parts.
They're the kind of eyes that hold wisdom and history.
She's only 24 but I felt like I was talking to a wise old woman when I sat down and had dinner with designer and inspirational fashionista,
Brette Sims.
Hailing from Oakland,
Brette has always been interested in fashion but it wasn't until college that she really found her niche in fashion;
empowering women through wearable art.

Now let's be honest,
entering the fashion world is difficult enough
but entering it in a way that fuels self love and female unity....
that's a whole other story!!!

cause it's Brette Sims,
she managed to go forth with her plan and create her own clothing company.
this woman is that cool.

In her words;

"STUK Designs LLC. is a versatile company and creative agency dedicated to the cultivation of the whole woman. STUK clothing is wearable art that embodies our mission.

Stuck literally means captivated by, infatuated with, and immovable. It means remaining persistent and holding faithfully. Thus, we chose the name STUK because it describes who we are, where we have been, and who we continue to become everyday. The goal of the company is to stick woman to new truths and match their career goals to their dreams. STUK women are independent, focused, and fulfilled body, mind, and soul. We transcend any dissatisfactory situation – instead becoming stuck on learning, growing, and evolving into our truest and best selves. STUK has a deeply romantic core. Not a romance with fame, a man or material gratification, but a deep romance with life. Through art we wish to inspire self-sufficient women to live without fear and with inner love. STUK is a positive movement, a renaissance brand, and a life choice."

Nothing but fresh goosebumps.

STUK VIDEO LOOKBOOK from Yonni on Vimeo.

Brette is about the size of my pinky finger in height and width.
She has a sweet little voice and a huge smile.
I couldn't help but wonder how on earth she managed to take my breathe away with every statement she made,
every idea she had,
and every goal she set.

Then I remembered...
she's a woman.

She's a woman who is fully aware and proud of her womanhood.
That's the secret weapon.
That's the inspiration.
That's the beauty.

Thank you Brette Sims.
The world has been waiting for you.

To check out her blog click HERE

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