Friday, June 10, 2011

Come on Barbie let's go party.

I've never hated Barbie.
I never really played with her, I was more of a Polly Pocket fan.
However, like most children,
if I did have a Barbie in hand it was usually torn apart, drawn on and given pencils for legs instead.
Not out of hate.
It was just so damn easy to pull those limbs apart!
Barbie has always been a catch-22 for me.
I wanted to hate her cause I felt like I had to.
I mean,
she had long blond hair, bright eyes, huge breasts, a nice ass, long legs, no cellulite.
Everything I guess I was supposed to want.
Everything I was taught to want?

But then there was the element of independence she carried that no one seemed to focus on.
I mean,
this is a single woman of many talents who holds high paying jobs,
owns her own home, Cadillac and fights for animal rights.
Also, being a California girl,
Barbie surrounds herself with equally independent women with multi-cultural backgrounds.
Barbies a bad ass!

In fact if I met Barbie, I have a feeling we'd get along great.
We'd go tanning, we'd talk about fashion, feminism, our love for furry creatures and how awesome being a woman is.

We'd be open with one another about our insecurities.
Hers being the fact that she's an independent millionaire who doesn't seem to be taken seriously because of her looks and is hated by women for something she can't even help!
Mine would probably have something to do with PMS and feeling fat and she'd retaliate with
"Shutup. You think I got this far by being insecure and hating myself?
You're gorgeous. We both are.
Now get it together, run a mile with me and let's go watch Bridesmaids with Teresa and Midge."

I think Barbie would be pretty cool.
I mean,
that's exactly how Mattel has marketed her, right?

So when the Body Shop released it's Anti-Barbie ad,
with a full figured smiling doll named Ruby,
above the caption
"there are 3 billion women who don't look like super models and 8 who do",
I was shocked to here Mattel had banned the ad.

This is how I see it,
if Barbie is all Mattel created her to be;
all woman, all hard working, all activist, all independent,
then I could never see her banning this ad.
In fact,
I could see her calling up Mattel,
firing it's CEO Robert Eckert and calling up Ruby for a day date at the beach.

I hear her saying something along the lines of
"I would love Ruby to be a part of my life, working by my side, and representing the unrepresented".
Because this is EXACTLY how Mattel has marketed her.
A girls girl.
A friend.
An activist.

So I guess I should stop blaming barbie, and end my post with a question to the right person.

Dear Robert Eckert,
I love every inch of my body and every inch of every woman's body on this planet,
whether they do or do not look like Barbie.
If I were to stand in front of you naked,
you would see cellulite, stretch marks, my bell bell,
a furry lower back and huge smile.
If this is at all offensive,
might I just ask,
what do you look like naked?