Friday, May 13, 2011

Perty Flower!

Spent the day with my beautiful Jamie
drinking tea and frolicking through Descanso Gardens.
What I love about Jamie is that she loves to set up dates where we can just play dress up and be over the top girly.
Cause sometimes,
you just gotta do that!
Someone once told me that Libras love to feel pretty and strive to surround themselves in pretty environments.
Jamie lives up to those standards.
And then some.

Inspired by flowers...
Vintage flower dress. Thrifted.

Vintage belt. Stolen from my mommas closet.

Earrings. Stolen from my sisters old dresser.
Homegirl left behind so many goodies!

Vintage sunglasses. Hodgens Antiques, South Pasadena, Ca
Bracelet. Thrifted.

American Apperral unitard.
H&M Skirt. Sale rack.

Our day at the garden kept reminding me of this one little scene...

The most beautiful day I could ask for.
Thanks Mama Nature! You know how to make a girl feel pretty.


  1. so.... flower, the skunk is gay right?

  2. lots of beautiful art going on here!!!!

  3. This is totally a girly thing. Soft & tender. Love it !

  4. you are both sooo cute.

  5. Surrounded by Venue.