Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who you are inside is what makes you a star.

Are you ever so utterly inspired by someone,
that you forget they're a stranger to you?

In the 10 years Shiloh Pepin lived her life,
we never met,
spoke or
bumped into one another on the street.

And yet she has inspired me.
She has left me hungry for life.
She supplied me with that last bit of air that I needed to breathe today.

Dear Shiloh,
thank you.
You are a gift.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My dog ate all my homework last night.

It started off with "Good Morning, Miss Bliss."
A 1/2 hour television program about a group of eccentric students and their relationship with the adult size version of the little darling from "The Parent Trap".
Then from its ashes, like a Phoenix,
sprung the genius that is "Saved By the Bell".
The multi colored, very 90's, very corny and very addicting pre teen comedy show.

There was Zack ( the mischievous blond dream),
Kelly ( All American girl perfection),
Lisa ( Snooty Rich Princess with fierce style),
Slater (Muscle Dance commander),
Jesse( The Feminist. My favorite)
Screech (The name speaks for itself)

It's safe to say that I was a fan of the show.
But honestly, who wasn't?
What is creepy though is that I watched the show all the way up into the college years and beyond.
I even tuned in to watch Zack and Kelly get married on the beach.

So for a recent outing,
my friends and I decided to play dress up.
Inspired by our favorite "Saved By the Bell" characters!!

Why you say?
Why Not!?

We searched high and low at our nearest "Out of the Closet" and found nothing but gold.
Of course.
even after all our hard work,
I ended up being very sick that day and unable to join the festivities.
I got to watch them all dress up in their designated characters
and take photos with them as if I accompanied them.
Good enough for me.

Zack Morris loves Angie.

Lisa Turtle loves Jen.

Jacket, Blouse and Eearings brought to you from "Out of the Closet"

Shoes. Forever 21.

Kelly Kapowski loves Harriet.

Shirt and shoes brought to you from "Out of the Closet"

A.C. Slater loves, lives and dies for Natalya.

Shirt (cut from a long sleeved blouse) from "Out of the Closet.

Shorts and belt, thrifted.

I'm going to take this moment to honor these shoes.
When I saw these at the thrift store I thought to myself
"oh my goodness, so 90's!!! But maybe too 90's?"
I carried them around with me as an option but was unsure if I could pull them off.
However, once at the cashier, I realized how much I loved them and could pull anything off with confidence and the appropriate outfit.
My new favorite find, no doubt about it.

Yes, my head felt like it was ready to explode, but playing dress up with your friends always makes a girl feel pretty!
to the oh so rhythm happy AC Slater,
thank you for making this Cluster headache seem less painful.

Note to self:
find EVERY outfit in this video
ask Mario Lopez for one dance before I die.
This is all I ask.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Perty Flower!

Spent the day with my beautiful Jamie
drinking tea and frolicking through Descanso Gardens.
What I love about Jamie is that she loves to set up dates where we can just play dress up and be over the top girly.
Cause sometimes,
you just gotta do that!
Someone once told me that Libras love to feel pretty and strive to surround themselves in pretty environments.
Jamie lives up to those standards.
And then some.

Inspired by flowers...
Vintage flower dress. Thrifted.

Vintage belt. Stolen from my mommas closet.

Earrings. Stolen from my sisters old dresser.
Homegirl left behind so many goodies!

Vintage sunglasses. Hodgens Antiques, South Pasadena, Ca
Bracelet. Thrifted.

American Apperral unitard.
H&M Skirt. Sale rack.

Our day at the garden kept reminding me of this one little scene...

The most beautiful day I could ask for.
Thanks Mama Nature! You know how to make a girl feel pretty.