Monday, April 11, 2011

Tiny Dancer.

I've always loved the ballet.
My mom used to take my sister and I to dance productions all the time when we were kids,
and even though my sister saw it as punishment,
I relished in it.
I was the little girl that got super in to it.
You know,
edge of their seat, nail biting, loud laughing, gasping at the climax kind of kid.
And to be quite honest...
I still am.
So when Jamie asked me if I'd be in to waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning to watch the Bolshoi Ballet's version of "Don Quixote",
I quickly responded;
"where have you been all my life?".

Inspired by the ballet...

Ballerina in training inspired.

Prima Ballerina inspired and living up to my Russian name.

Nude Leotard, thrifted.
White vintage skirt, thrifted.
Vintage nude shoes, my mamas closet.

Vintage clip on earrings, Highland Park Farmers Market.
Vintage necklace, yard sale.

The sweet old lady I bought the necklace from, gave me this watch for free!

Ballerina beautiful.

Before I finish this post I want to take a moment to honor this gem of a woman.

Jamie and I were blown away by the power of Natalia Osipova.
No seriously,
the second she came out we could feel her power through the screen.
She is not only a fantastic dancer,
but she completely feels every bit of music and movement she does with her whole heart and soul.
This little lady has ATTITUDE.
I wish I could show you every clip of her dancing in the ballet,
but I could only find this one clip of her on the internet that wasn't shaky or badly filmed.
She comes in at around 25 seconds, and even though it's a small piece of dance she does,
you'll feel exactly what I'm talking about.
Her dancing not only puts a huge smile on my face,
but makes me feel very pretty indeed.
she does have an awesome name.


  1. The lady is amazing but the guy is WOW!!!!!

  2. Every child should see at least once in their life time a ballet.

  3. Did you know that ballet dancers have stronger legs that gymnastic people? Surprise? : )

  4. I did a ballet project a while ago and I chose her!!! Thats so weird!!