Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mama Bear.

My sister is going to have a baby.
She's an inch taller than me, and carrying quite the bundle.
It's cute.
Actually, it's quite beautiful.
It's also interesting.
You see,
when one is pregnant one seems to get all sorts of advice from every person on earth.
With my sister living in Oakland,
I don't get to see her that much,
but every time I do I also get to hear the amount of advice she gets.
"Don't let your kids..."
"Always make sure...."
"If it's a boy keep him...."
"Keep girls away from..."
It's endless.
Appreciated, I'm sure, but then again I'm not the one who's pregnant.

I'm 8 years younger than my sister.
That means, when I was obsessed with the Pink Ranger,
she was in college studying photography and living on her own in Pasadena.
Sometimes, when we talk, I wonder if she still thinks I watch Power Rangers.
No hard feelings though,
it's inevitable.
It comes with the territory when you're that much younger than your siblings.
advice from me,
probably isn't the best idea.

1) Because my sister still sees me in diapers.
2) I've never had a baby!

since I have a blog and a keyboard,
I figure...
why not.

To my sister and all mothers around the world,
feel beautiful.

You're probably thinking...seriously?
Feel beautiful?
THAT'S your advice?

Feel beautiful.

Insecurity is at an abundance in this world.
It's become part of our culture, and our youth feeds into it.

Every moment my mother felt ugly,
or thought she should lose weight,
or seemed insecure,
I took note.
I thought my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world,
and when she didn't,
I felt it too.
I felt ugly, or like I needed to lose weight, or insecure.
After all, was I not the spitting image of my mother?

It's complicated, I know.
Insecurity is inevitable.
But I mean, is it that hard to feel pretty?
Is it that worth it to not feel beautiful and secure in your own skin?

When I was little I copied everything my sister wore.
I was this little Gen-X'er with burgundy lipstick and Doc Martens.
I thought she was the most beautiful lady in all the land.
I still do.
I always will.
And I know her baby will too.


  1. You are a beautiful lady.

  2. I found your blog through a comment you left on your sister's. I loved this post. Have been meaning to comment on it for a while. Perfect advice. And even more perfect since you obviously perfectly predicted that it'd be a little lady.

  3. awwww thank you! Celia's the perfect mother, and that bundle of joy isn't so bad herself.