Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mexican Pointy Boots

So this video just about blew my mind.
All I know is that I want my own pair,
in metallic turquoise with curled tips.
That's all I ask.

"It's all about how you feel inside".

Friday, April 22, 2011

They're Creepy and They're kooky.

Black, White and Red.

This Color Palette got me thinking of one thing.

WestSide in this Mother****** Right here

When the wifey and I were in the 4Th grade,
our class was scheduled to have a whale watching field trip.
it all went array when our class got in trouble for flashing the West Side sign in every photo at our NBC studios field trip.
this was all Aldo's fault.
He saw the sign on MTV and showed it to Nermeen and Monique,
who really went over board and showed it to everyone else,
and received a majority of the blame for it.
The cops came to our class and explained to us we were all involving ourselves in gang activities,
and as punishment,
our whale watching trip was canceled.

I know.
And gang activity?
A bunch of 5Th graders from Burbank?
I'm biting my tongue.

Canceling a field trip is about the cruelest thing you can do to a child.
No really.....
I'm trying to think of other things I found to be cruel....
but this one wins.

So when Aldo got discount tickets to watch whales in Redondo Beach,
it was like a slap in the face to those who denied us of such pleasures.

We made our whale watching date with Voyager Excursions.
And with a name like that,
we couldn't stop thinking Indiana.
Jones that is.

We imagined ourselves to be retired adventurers,
who once raided tombs, lost Arch's and now the big blue sea.
Inspired by Indie....

The smallest staircase in the world!

The waves were quite terrible on the boat ride.
So , for safety, the wifey grabbed a hold of my leg.
Nothing is more sweet than knowing the one you love
thinks all 5'1 of you can save him from the ocean.

Truth be told, 20 minutes in, our trip got canceled cause of the rocky waves.

And a bird almost pooped on Aldo's hand.

we got free passes and relished in one anothers company.

What we wore....
Shoes. A gift from his Lila.
Khaki striped Pants. Express. Hollywood, ca.
Vintage Kenneth Cole Trench Coat. Crossroads Trading Post. Seattle, Washington.

Pendleton hat. Taken from my works lost and found. (I waited!)
Cashmere Khaki scarf. A gift from his Lila.
Dress Shirt. Express. Hollywood, ca.

I would like to take this moment to honor my LEATHER,
high waisted pants purchased for only $4.99 at Out of the Closet in South Pasadena.
Can you say score?

80's earrings. Patty Closet. Montrose, ca.

Hat. Thrifted.
Old man Sunglasses. Taken form my works Lost and Found.

Vintage fur jacket with leather cuffs and pocket. Thrifted.

Possibly my favorite purchase as of late.
Cowboy Boots. Out of the Closet, Pasadena.

Vintage undershirt. Antique Store.
White Belt. My mommas closet.

What we ate...

This is perfection.

This is perfection times four.

This is pure glee.

This is what Aldo likes to call "safe eating".

This us what I like to call "living on the edge".

This is the aftermath.

And last but not least,
cause it's us
and cause we didn't see whales,
a photoshoot!

Best friend rings.

A perfect day with your best friend.
You can't feel anymore pretty than that.