Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rosie, White and Blue.

Harriet and I recently boogied our lives away to some delicious soul tunes.
We were both happily inspired by the ultimate pretty lady;
Rosie The Riveter.

Rockabilly Riveter.

A stop watch I took from my works lost and found.
No worries, it was in there for a month.
I gave it time.

I love this photo cause it looks like Harriet's kissing her puppy!
So cuuuuute!

Chonga Riveter.
Guess Jeans, American Way Thrift store.

Vintage blouse, Swift Vintage.
Baby chola earrings, Charloutte Rouse.
An attempt at a cat eye.
Emphasis on attempt.

Vintage belt. Thrifted.

Bangles. Thrifted.
Nine West shoes. Resale from Swift Vintage.
(These shoes were actually previously owned by my sister, who sold them to Swift, who then sold them to me. Small sister world.)

Harriet and I put my camera on a van and attempted to take this photo.
When you run a discount fashion blog,
you also run a discount lifestyle.

All my love and respect to the female factory workers of World War II.
Forever an inspiration.
Thank you for making me feel pretty.

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