Tuesday, February 8, 2011

inspired by the Fire Rabbit.

This past Saturday was the Chinese New Year Parade honoring the year of the rabbit in Chinatown.
This is not only exciting because it gave me an excuse to eat endless amounts of Chinese food and shaved ice with my loved ones,
but I am also...
a rabbit!
So in some sort of weird territorial way,
it was like I was representing.

In the Chinese zodiac there are 12 signs that represent what kind of personality you have and they are all based on the year you were born.
There are also certain elements that feed into your personality.
In my research I learned that I am not only a rabbit,
but a fire rabbit!
Which makes complete sense,
because if I were actually a rabbit,
I could see myself going out of my way to be a rabbit on fire.
Can't you?

With all this in mind,
I thought it would only be appropriate for my outfit to be inspired by the Fire Rabbit.
And I think a did a damn good job!

Dear Chinatown,
I love you.

We all had a field day with these things.
There was a point where I attempted to throw one at a strangers feet and ran away soon after.
Because I am a rabbit on fire!!

Dress: A throw away gift from a friend
aka my friend was literally throwing this away and I said "can I have it?"
Belt. Thrifted.
Vintage shoes: Squarseville, Los Feliz.
Earrings, Charloutte Rousse.

Chinese food, parades, friends, and the Metro Gold Line.
The perfect ingredients to make a Fire Rabbit feel pretty.


  1. very few people look good in red and you are one of them.

  2. I do not think my sentence turned out right. You look amazing in RED.

  3. Um. Is this you?


  4. Um, no. But for a second there I thought it was too haha