Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years!

Two Very different cities,
Two very different parties.

Harriet's outfit brought to you by Forever 21.
Jacket. Thrifted.
Owl pin. Borrowed.
Dance shoes found in a vintage store in Oakland, Ca

Every year for New Years,
till I was about 17,
my parents and I would attend the "Cuban Club Comparsa"
and dance the night away with shoulder padded,
sequined Chongas.
So it is only natural for me
to feel like I must dress to the nines for such an occasion as the new year.

Shoulder Pads;

My mommas closet.

Charlotte Russe.

New years dress; Magnolia Gowns and Bridal.
Shoes; My mommas closet.

I loved you.
it's oh so great to meet you.
Let's make out.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so happy you brought up our old tradition of starting the New Year at the Cuban Club party. I miss the days when men and women (no matter what age) would dress to impress in their finest black tie attire. And only the best salsa, cumbia, oldies, disco, etc would be be played. I'm sad those days ended as quickly as they came. Every new years I stand off to a corner and wonder why only some people are dressed to the nicely and only the hits of today are playing on a radio in the corner, and I shed a tiny tear missing you and your wifey and the rest of the old comparsa crew and how we'd dance until dawn!