Monday, January 24, 2011

Ay Ay Captain!

Miguel decided it would be best to bring in his birthday by watching "The Little Mermaid"
at the El Capitan Theatre
and dressing up as sailors.

Inspired by the French Sailor.

Hat, a gift form a dear friend currently in the Navy.
Vintage blouse, Swift, Burbank.
Belt, stolen from my mommas closet.
Vintage white belt bottoms, thrifted.
Military boots, Panorama Mall.

Inspired by Steve Zissou.

Sweet dress, thrifted.
Vintage belt, thrifted.
Flats, Swift Vintage, Burbank.

Birthday boy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's sweatin time.

Dear Richard Simmons,
when I was a little girl,
my mother, sister and I
would rock out in our living room to your
"Sweatin to the Oldies" videos.
This has not only influenced my obsession for dance,
but it's also a big part of the reason why I'm always thrifting for 80's leotards,
ala Olivia Newton Johns "Physical",
to wear to my dance classes.

80's Jean Jacket. Hollywood Flea Market.
Vintage Belt. My mommas closet.
Dance Leotard. Thrifted.

Jamie found this fantastic leotard with paired leggings in her mommas closet.

Dance pants; thrifted.

80's dance top; American Vintage, Los Feliz.

Legwarmers, Thrifted.

Very 80's workout unitard; American Vintage; Los Feliz.

Socks; My Dad's closet.

80's bathing suit.
33 rooms; Burbank.

Leg warmers brought to you by the 98cents store in Hollywood.

Gotta sport the sports bra with this outfit or else I'll be spilling all over the place.

Thank you for making me feel pretty.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years!

Two Very different cities,
Two very different parties.

Harriet's outfit brought to you by Forever 21.
Jacket. Thrifted.
Owl pin. Borrowed.
Dance shoes found in a vintage store in Oakland, Ca

Every year for New Years,
till I was about 17,
my parents and I would attend the "Cuban Club Comparsa"
and dance the night away with shoulder padded,
sequined Chongas.
So it is only natural for me
to feel like I must dress to the nines for such an occasion as the new year.

Shoulder Pads;

My mommas closet.

Charlotte Russe.

New years dress; Magnolia Gowns and Bridal.
Shoes; My mommas closet.

I loved you.
it's oh so great to meet you.
Let's make out.