Saturday, December 11, 2010


I met Erica my Freshman year of High school.
She was one of those girls that was so pretty,
you found yourself at times analyzing her face,
trying to figure out just exactly how one could be so pretty.

post high school,
I still find myself doing the same thing.

Erica was riding along the "experimental" train with me back in high school.
She used to wear the cutest, little, thrifted, 60's housewife dresses.
A specific black and white, polka dot, Lucille Ball inspired ensemble,
will forever be burnt into my memory.
We'd go thrift store shopping and I'd throw every sundress I could find at this girl.
of course,
cause it's Erica,
she'd look absoloutly amazing in everything I handed off to her.

Like anyone's style,
Erica's has evolved.
Now she mixes her thrift store vintage finds with some
neo-hippie girl fabrics.
Or in her words;
"Modern Vintage Rock".

Before I show off some recent pictures of our adventures through Downtown.
Eating pho,
talking music,
and munching on some mango cream sherbert.
I would like to take this moment to personally thank Erica,
for being the first person to ever get me to wear hoops.
there was a time when I did not wear hoops.
A sad time indeed.

It was back in our spring chicken days.
I saw them,
(yes, them.
there were more than one pair)
sitting on her dresser,
teasing me like the forbidden fruit.

Our conversation then went something like this;

I've never worn hoops.

I love hoops.
I can never have enough hoops.

but they look good on you.
They'd look stupid on me.

Don't be ridiculous,
hoops look good on everyone.
Here put these on...
(handing me a pair of decent sized golden hoops)
You can have them.

She was right....

I looked damn good in hoops.

It was in that moment that I began my affair for the hoop.
Thank you Erica,
and thank you for those hoops.

back to business,
when I asked her what made her feel pretty,
she said:
"My wild fro."

I love this girl.

There was a point in the day in which Erica's feet were hurting from walking in her shoes.
I decided
it would be best for me to put my size 6 1/2 feet
into her size 81/2 heels.
This lasted for a block before we realized;
her walking in pain was much faster then me walking in jumbo heels.

So, so pretty.

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