Monday, December 6, 2010

وعلى كل حال عالم الصغيرة

You know those kids who are too cool for Disneyland?
I'm not one of them.
it's safe to say that I still watch Disney movies (with pride)
and sing along to each and every song that I know.
Word for word (with pride).
It has been well over 8 years since I've been to the land where dreams come true.
The drive is about 45 minutes,
but with parking, tickets and all those other things you have to pay for;
unnecessary amounts of churros,
turkey legs,
pineapple slices,
clam chowder in a sourdough bowl,
a hot pink mickey mouse shirt...
I'm glad I waited 8 years to be financially stable to do so.
I was accompanied by the lovely Jessica and our 6'3" high school friend, Michael.
Needless to say,
a time was definitely had.

Jessica standing at 5 feet.
obviously standing a little over that.

Inspired by Minerva Mouse...

Bought this dress with Jamie at H&M.
Vintage belt.
Vintage Disney hat,
stolen from Harriet.
Red Converse,
stolen from Harriet.

Jessica's Disneyland purchase.
And a great one indeed.

Corn on the cob with Chilli.

A Turkey leg.
80's earring,
Pattys closet.

Jessica's genius idea to go on Splash Mountain in 60 degree weather.
But look how cute she looks!

Michael is sitting behind me.
You can't see him because I apparently stand in fear when I am dropping from a high fall.

and to end this post,
I give you one of my ultimate favorite Disney Cartoons.

Minnie Mouse image via

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