Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ice blended MOCA.

I had the luxury of spending my Thursday night with the beautiful Miss Jamie.
Watching dance pieces,
stalking well dressed people,
and successfully sneaking backstage at a Freddie Gibbs show.
A great night indeed.

Isaac and Marcus.
I could kill for pants like that.
And I just might.

Too cool for school,
and apparently too cool to give us his name.

Jamie tried on this dress for me at H&M.
When she stepped out of the dressing room I couldn't decide if I wanted to pass out or cry from happiness.
This outfit reminds me so much of something my mother would of worn back in the day.
I could feel my mom salivating from miles away,
as if she knew something this fabulous was in my presence.
I feel that if an outfit can give someone such a rush of emotions, it must be bought.
So does Jamie.
Paired with a vintage leopard necklace borrowed form my closet.

That's right.
High waisted, golden grandma pants, American Way.
VIntage Pink heel, Patys closet.
Vintage white belt, stolen form my momma.

80's necklace, Wasteland, Hollywood.
Hot Pink spandex jumpsuit, on Etsy.

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