Thursday, November 4, 2010

Handmade Halloween

The following photos are some great costumes that were either handmade or thrifted.

Perfection on a discount!

Pin up.

Freddie Mercury.

Ruby Rod and Flight attendant from "The Fifth Element".
Shout out time!
Jamie made that outfit from an all latex body suit, and hand made the rose necklace for Ruby Rod.
Ugh, she's so good!

The wifey was at his all time best this year.

He was having trouble deciding what he wanted to be and even went as far as saying that he just wasn't going to dress up this year.
I looked at him, in the way only a best friend can,
and said;
"You fool. Get over yourself and dress up! This is our holiday!"

After forcing him to re think his crybaby decision,
I noticed that we kept bumping into this dress at the thrift store
(which is rare since everything goes so fast at any thrift store)
and I made a comment on how our grade school music teacher,
Mrs. Jeffries,
would have worn that.
This comment then lead into a conversation that went something like this :

You should be Mrs. Jeffries for Halloween.
No. No ones gonna get it.
But the 33 kids who graduated from our class will, and they'll love it!
you do look just like her.
(with a sparkle in his eyes)
Mrs. Jeffries it is.

Now, for those of you who don't know Mrs. Jeffries,
let it be known that she looked EXACTLY like the photo above.

These are the best kind of costumes in my opinion.
The kinds that tickle your heart.

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