Monday, November 22, 2010

The Higher The Pomp...

First and foremost,
I would like to take this moment to thank Madame Pompadour,
Miss Jeanne Antoinette Poisson,
for finding it necessary to wear her hair so high and then giving us all reason to do so right along with her.

down to business.
The wifey came over a few days ago to chop off my long hair that just wasn't cuttin it anymore. No pun intended.

I kept explaining to him that I'd give anything for a
Johnny Bravo/Salt n Pepa Mohawk inspired Pompadour.

Makes sense right?

Not really.

But thank the bees that my honey bunny is fluent in the lesser known language of;
cause he knew exactly what I was talking about!

He took about 20 minutes and in those few minutes my world turned upside down.

So here is its debut.
My johnny bravo/salt n pepa Mohawk inspired Pompadour in all its glory.

The inspiration.........

Pepa inspired my curls and buzzed sides.


The Goddess herself, Janelle Monet.
I loved the volume in her pomp and kept screaming at Aldo for the same.

Rufio had a bad ass Mohawk.
Now I do too.

Johnny Bravo.
The man who started it all.

Let it be known that since cutting my hair,
I have not stopped singing "Grease Lightning".
Which means nothing, if you know me,
since I'm always obnoxiously singing tunes from "Grease",
but with my new haircut I feel like my singing has a purpose now.

Thanks to my wifey for the cut
and making me feel very pretty.


  1. adorable adorable adorable!

  2. not everyone can do this but you surely can! Sexy it is.