Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Culture Class. Day 5.

The city of Angels has a strong reputation for its night life and fast paced streets.
But behind the glitz and glam of high building lights,
lies some of the most beautiful desert land west of our country.
The high mountains and deep colored landscapes flourish in cities such as
Simi Valley,
and our gorgeous National Park, Angeles Crest.

When entering these cities and these parks you'll notice that there are many ranches in the area. Yes,
As in...
Hey Dude!
cowboy boot wearing,
rooster crowing

LA ranch culture.
Who would have thought?

When I was an itty bitty my parents would take me to ride horses in some of these cities
and I would love to stare at the cowboys and girls who would help mount me up onto those stallions.
I remember thinking I would give anything to be a bad ass cowgirl.
I would get flashes of myself dawned in plaid,
with a pistol in my left pocket,
and a strong southern twang.
Ready to demolish any bank robber/ inappropriate civilian in sight!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a political fashion blog.
Which is fine,
cause now I could just dress like one!

But first,
a history lesson!

The American cowboy began its history in the late 19Th century borrowing its style from Mexican horse wranglers known as Vaqueros.
Their job was passionate and gritty,
taking care of herding horses and doing handy work around the ranch.
The cowboy life was usually associated with the lower class,
until it became glamorized in Wild Wild West shows,
spaghetti westerns
and of course,
the Marlboro Man.
A nickname traditionally given to a cowboy or vaquero ,
who descends from California,
is Buckaroo.

Jamie and I took a horse riding trip in the hills of Griffith park to stalk and study more closely our Buckaroo counterparts.
Leading us along the way,
for only $25,
was a horse wrangler named Xavier from Jalisco, Mexico,
who had an amazing giggle and
absolutely no interest in letting us into his personal life.
A mysterious Buckaroo indeed.

There seem to be two types of distinct styles in the cowboy look and they go by how you ride.
Western style:
cowboy boots,
cowboy hat,
Dreamy Clint East Wood (swoon)/carefree attitude.

or English:
Tight fitted,
jockey like clothing,
with riding boots,
and black top hats.

Jamie opted for western while I went about dressing like my English brothers and sisters.

Though both are complete opposites,
they are none the less a part of a sub culture that helps define this city,
and has been borrowed and sold for much more by designers and fashion magazines.

these Buckaroos manage to look stylish and handy
sans the heavy budget.

a reason to be inspired by Tujunga Buckaroos!
Wanna join the ride?

Call me Lady Natalya.
Hee-Haw Jamie.
I had to.
Banana Republic hat, a gift from my sister.
Vintage belt. Stolen from my moms closet.
High waisted pants, Thrifted.
Gap blouse, thrifted.

I bought Jamie those earrings for her birthday from Owl talk!

The only photo I could sneak of Xavier.

Fascinated by this ancient soda and candy dispenser.

We asked Xavier to take a photo of us.
Sweet Buckaroo.

*fashion photos via Ralph Loren,
and Dolce and Gabbana.

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  1. Clint sexy man he was and still is. Love him :)