Friday, October 29, 2010

This is Halloweek, Halloweek, Halloweek!

The wifey and I have a tradition.
It's what keeps our relationship hot and spicy.
A common bond that keeps us going strong.
An affinity, a love and a passion for...

In the last week of October the wifey and I get together to carve pumpkins,
eat scrumptious candy,
watch horror movies and
make (yes make) our costumes.
Here's a few of our favorites from the past year.

Selena Quintanilla Perez.

Costume is a mix of thrift store finds (including my fake nails),
and handmade bustier with embezzlement.

The legend of Zelda.

Aldo blew me away with this costume.

Frida Khalo.

Outfit consists of thrift store finds (including those vintage capezio boots),
super gluing fake flowers to a headband and the perfect make up job by the wifey.

Bumblebee girl from the Blind Melon Music video;
"No rain".

Outfit includes a mix of thrift store finds,
lots of paint,
lots of glue,
lots of ribbon,
lots of twine.
(please let it be known that my costume was based more off the music video girl, rather than the cover art girl.
They are different actresses.
I don't want you thinking my costume's different from the photo!
I worked too hard for that!)

Align CenterDesi Arnaz.
Costume is a mix of his daddies shoes and bongos,
and rented fabrics from Glendale Costumes in Glendale, ca.

Hope your Halloween is as amazing and festive as ours will be!


  1. You are so creative. So original!

  2. I love Halloween, it is the time you can be anybody you want!

  3. You are the girl with the million faces. But so authentic to the character.