Friday, October 1, 2010

Owl Talk.

Living peacefully within the streets of Eagle Rock is one of my favorite stores;
"Owl Talk".

This adorable boutique opened in July of 1994, with the intention of great finds for great prices.

Run by a pair of the sweetest, fashion forward sisters,
Kathleen and Sharon Kroner,
the business has since been going strong with their savvy business skill and eye for all out adorable clothing.

After chatting with Kathleen about women issues and the importance of loving yourself,
it didn't surprise me to find out that the store was given the "Congregational State award for empowering women in business".

The store was also recently featured as one of "the 10 Best Stores in Eagle Rock" in the Huffington Post.

Owl talk is a mix of fairly priced new items,
beautiful vintage pieces and trendy accessories.
Though I was there to interview one of the owners,
I ended up buying an amazing Zebra Print blazer and some owl hoop earrings.

I know,
shame on me.

But Karen's awesome personality just made it so easy to shop!
Her approach to fashion is simple.
"Style is an emotion.
You can't buy it. It's how you feel. It's a mood.
There shouldn't be a set style. People just wear what they're feeling that day.
Women are always trying to say something.
What we wear can be an open invitation or our armour."

Isn't she great?!?!?!

When I asked Karen what made her feel pretty, she responded,
"drinks with my girlfriends. "
After a nice giggle, she said with even more sincerity
"I feel pretty when I'm happy".


Please visit for more information on the store and their Etsy shop!

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  1. I LOVE THAT LADY'S QUOTES. It is totally true.