Friday, October 22, 2010

Inspired by Purple.

"Not only has purple always been my fave color (next to red),
but self-expression,
whether it involves fashion, art, or sexual orientation,
has always been a freedom of great value to long as it stems from honesty and conviction to self, not because you're TRYING to make a statement.
In this pic, I proudly wear my purple top (note the purple background as well!) to honor Spirit Day,
the boys who recently committed suicide,
and all the people who sadly must endure such bullying and discrimination.
I also wear my new pink ankle booties in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month."

"For those who felt like there was no way out.
For those who feel isolated. For those who feel like no one cares...
I've been there,
I held the pill bottle,
I emptied the vodka and when the darkness closed in,
I found something...
hope. "

"I had the luck of constantly being surrounded by incredible friends during my "coming out", despite the negative response my parents had,
and continue to have,
I found constant support through my closest friends.
So today, along with wearing purple in honor of those whose lives were tragically cut short because of ignorance and blind hate,
I'm wearing something that reminds me of all the people in my life who stand behind me and help me keep my head up."

"Playing dress-up with my daughter Gia today,
I explained that a purple sash is more than a fabulous wardrobe accessory.
She now knows, in 4 year old terms, what Spirit Day symbolizes.
It begins and ends with what we teach our children. NoH8"
-Gia's mommy.

"Because if she's a lesbian...
we'll have a mob coming to destroy anyone who talks crap.
-Aradia's mommy.

"Wearing a purple ribbon on 10/20 for the kids who committed suicide because of gay abuse in our schools."

"For change."


  1. I love you purple dress. You always look good.

  2. awesome :) super inspirational post

  3. People must learn to accept people as they are and it starts at the home! It is the parents and teachers obligation to instill kindness and understanding always.