Monday, October 4, 2010

Gotta catch you one, Gotta catch you one.

For the last outfit in my penny pinching challenge,
I really had to focus on borrowed items, and previously purchased materials since money has been tight lately.
No worries,
some faith and luck are always in hand when you think positive!

Vintage boots at American Vintage, Van Nuys.

Cross earring.
A gift from Miguel.
Bought in downtown.

Black Belt, borrowed from my mothers closet.
Cross necklace,
a gift,
MacGyver'ed into a belt accessory by adding bobby pins!!

Black sheer dress,
previously bought item.
(note: Kelly Bundy style dresses are back with a vengence,
and can be found by the hundreds at any local thrift store for a quarter of the price)

Prices Listed in above photo are between $159-$2,795

Total purchase amount for designer inspired outfit:

how does it feel to know,
that in order to have technically owned all the designer pieces i chose,
I'd have to have paid around $9,315,
but instead i only paid $29.33 for my more fabulous versions?

I'll tell you one thing,
I'm feeling very pretty right now.

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