Friday, October 29, 2010

This is Halloweek, Halloweek, Halloweek!

The wifey and I have a tradition.
It's what keeps our relationship hot and spicy.
A common bond that keeps us going strong.
An affinity, a love and a passion for...

In the last week of October the wifey and I get together to carve pumpkins,
eat scrumptious candy,
watch horror movies and
make (yes make) our costumes.
Here's a few of our favorites from the past year.

Selena Quintanilla Perez.

Costume is a mix of thrift store finds (including my fake nails),
and handmade bustier with embezzlement.

The legend of Zelda.

Aldo blew me away with this costume.

Frida Khalo.

Outfit consists of thrift store finds (including those vintage capezio boots),
super gluing fake flowers to a headband and the perfect make up job by the wifey.

Bumblebee girl from the Blind Melon Music video;
"No rain".

Outfit includes a mix of thrift store finds,
lots of paint,
lots of glue,
lots of ribbon,
lots of twine.
(please let it be known that my costume was based more off the music video girl, rather than the cover art girl.
They are different actresses.
I don't want you thinking my costume's different from the photo!
I worked too hard for that!)

Align CenterDesi Arnaz.
Costume is a mix of his daddies shoes and bongos,
and rented fabrics from Glendale Costumes in Glendale, ca.

Hope your Halloween is as amazing and festive as ours will be!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The people have spoken.

While I was visiting San Francisco this week,
I saw this image on my way to the BART.

Good to know I'm not the only one out there.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Inspired by Purple.

"Not only has purple always been my fave color (next to red),
but self-expression,
whether it involves fashion, art, or sexual orientation,
has always been a freedom of great value to long as it stems from honesty and conviction to self, not because you're TRYING to make a statement.
In this pic, I proudly wear my purple top (note the purple background as well!) to honor Spirit Day,
the boys who recently committed suicide,
and all the people who sadly must endure such bullying and discrimination.
I also wear my new pink ankle booties in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month."

"For those who felt like there was no way out.
For those who feel isolated. For those who feel like no one cares...
I've been there,
I held the pill bottle,
I emptied the vodka and when the darkness closed in,
I found something...
hope. "

"I had the luck of constantly being surrounded by incredible friends during my "coming out", despite the negative response my parents had,
and continue to have,
I found constant support through my closest friends.
So today, along with wearing purple in honor of those whose lives were tragically cut short because of ignorance and blind hate,
I'm wearing something that reminds me of all the people in my life who stand behind me and help me keep my head up."

"Playing dress-up with my daughter Gia today,
I explained that a purple sash is more than a fabulous wardrobe accessory.
She now knows, in 4 year old terms, what Spirit Day symbolizes.
It begins and ends with what we teach our children. NoH8"
-Gia's mommy.

"Because if she's a lesbian...
we'll have a mob coming to destroy anyone who talks crap.
-Aradia's mommy.

"Wearing a purple ribbon on 10/20 for the kids who committed suicide because of gay abuse in our schools."

"For change."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Purple heart.

When I first started this blog it was with the intention of praising the artistic beauty of fashion and bringing to light the ugly side of its commercial counterpart.
My idea,
complicated and frustrating at times,
has been nothing but worth it to me in the end.

I truly believe that through any form of art, including fashion,
boundaries can be broken, thoughts can be provoked and lessons can be learned.
This brings me to the recent number of suicides in the Untied states of America.
This month, a slew of young teens and children have been killing themselves due to their sexual orientation.
This is not new news to me.
And it shouldn't have been to anyone.
Gay teen suicides have been happening for god knows how long, and it's about time this was brought to light.
Along with the recent suicides,

the matter of "don't ask, don't tell" has been frolicking its way through my news feed.
Now, you might ask;
"what on earth does any of this have to do with fashion?"


a few days ago I heard along the rumor mill that this Friday,
people were planning on wearing purple in remembrance of the young children who had killed themselves.
I am all about it.
A sign of being proactive through fabric.
A sign of remembrance through the cotton wool.

But this post isn't about the fabric, it's not about the thread.
This post is about the passion behind the fabric.

There's the famous saying in fashion;
"make a statement".

This post is about that statement.

From the moment I cut off my hair at 15 and proclaimed myself "punk rock",
from the moment I started dressing as a greaser,
or from the moment I wanted nothing more than converse in my closet,
I was making a statement.

Not a statement for others to myself,
but instead a statement for myself to others.

When I say "commercial" world,
I am not just talking fashion.
I'm talking all aspects of art in general.
It's obvious, if you know me personally, or have been reading my blog.
I hate it.

I hate that world.

I grew up in Los Angeles.
Though I originate from the valley,
I travelled through all sides of my streets.
I was familiar with the East side, West side, Valley, Downtown....
I love Los Angeles.
But part of being an Angeleno is that I was, since birth, embellished in the commercial world.
Streets are filled with billboards for movies, colognes, clothing lines, our TVs are filled with previews, weight loss commercials, news channels for the celebrity obsessed.
I've seen paparazzi,
I've seen celebrities a Starbucks,
I've even attended school with some Celebutants.
This was my world.
I knew nothing else.
I had no choice but to be lucky enough,
and yet unlucky enough.

With this all being said,
I would like to now let you know
I am tired.

Not angry, not frustrated, just tired.
Like a little old lady, hunched over after a hard days work.
Completely tired.

I'm tired of allowing this faux world to define me.
I'm tired of standing around watching commercials, reading magazines, and viewing movies that want nothing more than to define me by my gender, sex, nationally and whatever else it can get its gritty hands on.
I'm tired of it all.

There is such beauty in the art world!
But now everything is so contrived,
I'm beginning to fear that we ourselves, as Americans, are starting to belive that they can define us.
That we are those things they say we are.

I am not OK anymore with these boxes.
With these labels.

To my gay brothers and sisters,
or to anyone who has felt "different",
(and let's be honest, who hasn't?)
screw them.

I will not be defined by my sex, my ethnicity, my gender or any other mere characteristic anymore.
I will not feed into the evil of the commercial world by allowing people to label me or my friends.
I am so much more than what they want me to be.
So are you.

Don't ask, don't tell is not OK.
The right for only straight couples to marry, is not OK.
The fact that when I turn on my television a sex obsessed, gay man is usually covered in glitter and seen shopping with a lisp is not OK.
The fact that it is so rare to see a biracial couple in a commercial is not OK.
The fact that there is such a phrase as the "token white guy" or "token black guy" is not OK.

On Friday,
I will not be wearing purple just for the souls of those young children,
I will be wearing purple because I am not OK anymore with what I am being fed.

I am wearing purple because I will not be put in a box.

I am wearing purple becasue through this fabric I want to express to you that I am not ok with the ignorance the exists in the city, and country I love.
I am wearing purple for change.
I am wearing purple to prove that I am more than what they want me to be.

And so are you.

So this Friday,
all I ask,
is that you wear purple with me.
Not for my reasons,
but for your own.

Wear purple,


and make your statement.

Monday, October 11, 2010

All you need is...

Home made Baklava,
Your best friend,
some basics,
and love.

*head art:
Starry face art.
Panorama Mall jeans.
Tube socks from Target.
Feather Head piece from Starry face art.
Bangles. Thrifted.
Dr. Martens. Thrifted.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Pretty girl,
Pretty dress,
Pretty day.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gotta catch you one, Gotta catch you one.

For the last outfit in my penny pinching challenge,
I really had to focus on borrowed items, and previously purchased materials since money has been tight lately.
No worries,
some faith and luck are always in hand when you think positive!

Vintage boots at American Vintage, Van Nuys.

Cross earring.
A gift from Miguel.
Bought in downtown.

Black Belt, borrowed from my mothers closet.
Cross necklace,
a gift,
MacGyver'ed into a belt accessory by adding bobby pins!!

Black sheer dress,
previously bought item.
(note: Kelly Bundy style dresses are back with a vengence,
and can be found by the hundreds at any local thrift store for a quarter of the price)

Prices Listed in above photo are between $159-$2,795

Total purchase amount for designer inspired outfit:

how does it feel to know,
that in order to have technically owned all the designer pieces i chose,
I'd have to have paid around $9,315,
but instead i only paid $29.33 for my more fabulous versions?

I'll tell you one thing,
I'm feeling very pretty right now.