Thursday, September 9, 2010

***********, ***********, ***********

Dear Beetlejuice,
Thanks for the inspiration.

*wearing stretchy shorts. American Way, Burbank. kids section.
Dance stop.
Gold hoops and bracelet from Charlotte Rouse.
Gold Bat necklace from Swift Vintage, Burbank.
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  1. How creative is that. such a cute idea.

  2. I love that bat necklace! Its just like the one that Lilly Munster wore in the Munsters!!!
    I love this look!

  3. Your a little guilty of posing for a picture with no smile. what are you angry at?

  4. Just cause someone doesn't smile in ONE photo doesn't mean they're angry. Quit picking on her, she was merely showing off her necklace. It's just like when someone persistantly asks you if something's wrong the one moment you're not bubbly and smiling. It's annoying

  5. Just because somebody does not smile does not means they are angry. She looks more like she is in deep thought.

  6. Like to know what is in her thoughts