Monday, August 23, 2010

Van Nuys Wallpaper

It's been a hectic past few weeks.
But along the rocky road, I recovered some beautiful pieces of wallpaper in the Valley.
Please enjoy.

I saw this cutie pa tootie walking up Van Nuys and made a fast u turn to snap a pic of her fierceness.
I wrrte her name on my hand, but, of course,
washed them soon after with out thinking.
Loving her risk taking style and boots!

Sincere and Erica being too cute for words.
Match a tie to a skirt, who would of thunk it!

Miles jumping in and representing his echo park roots.
Que chulo!

Angelica, looking as fly as can be and being totally unaware that I am going to sneak into her room and steal those pants.

Elizabeth came into work looking this adorable.
Her dress is from Marshalls.
Which made her that much more adorable.


  1. Liz always "brings it" to work!

    5 stars

  2. they are all cute. All colors all sizes : )