Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There will be no more pretending.

we all have insecurities.
But since it's always so "in" to talk about what we hate about ourselves,
let's make an effort to talk about the things we do enjoy about ourselves.

I know this might sound crazy to our exercise,
core obsessed culture,
I really love my belly.

I call it my bell bell.

I treat it like an actual baby.

I'll grab it and squeeze it,
like a pillow.

I know I'm not "supposed" to like it.

I mean,
every other commercial on TV is all about eliminating it.
after an unforgettable conversation with a transgender female in my teens,
i learned to really appreciate this natural,

The conversation started when I was complaining about my little belly.
It went something like this...

"you do know I'd love to have that"

"you're crazy!"

It's beautiful.
It's your body's natural way of proving you can have children.
It's the one thing that I can't fake."

Through the eyes of someone who so wanted to be a woman,
I learned to appreciate something that did in fact,
make me a woman.

I've always had my little bell bell.
I'm sure I could get rid of it if I cancelled 99% of my diet,
but I really don't care that much.

Many women do and few women don't have belly's for natural or unnatural reasons.
But it's a sure fact that in the commercial world,
no ones sporting any love for the belly.

So when I saw this photo of model, Lizzie Miller, in Glamour a while back,
I couldn't help but smile with her.

We both have bell bell's,
and we're both beautiful.

Do you love something you're not supposed to?
Do tell.


  1. bellys are sexy!

  2. I love my disproportioned large hands and feet that I have on my small frame with my feminine hips (that I'm not supposed to have) on my male physique.


  3. AND I LOVE my freckles... the little I DO have... I wish I had more though, I dunno why women wear makeup to cover it up... It's like natural camouflage... I mean at the end of the day, don't most people (women) wish they were cheetah's anyway? I mean, the likes of Shania Twain and Peggy Bundy seemed to love getting their spots on!

  4. I say you have to be happy inside to be able to appreciate the outside of you.