Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was so disturbed by the following fashion spread,
which was featured in Vogue Italia,
that for once,
I became speechless.

The photos are of models clad in designer clothing and seen,
basically beaten and dying over an oil spill
alongside oil drenched animals.

Because emaciated, beaten women is so new and artistic in the fashion world,
and the oil spill is all sorts of fun and inspirational.

The pictures speak for themselves.
When will we?

If you're interested in even furthering your despise for the commercial fashion world...
take the time to view this video so cleverly put together to endorse the ad campaign.
It's easier to watch when you completely ignore the crisis that the Gulf Oil Spill is
and all the lives it has and will eventually take.
Oh fashion world,
you clever little thing, you.


  1. such a serious issue! I am shocked! Does the fashion world have no soul?

  2. totally disrespectful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I do not get it. Do they think this sells? Disgusting.

  4. The video looks like a joke. like a zoolander thing. so gross.