Sunday, August 29, 2010

Made Up.

a close friend of mine,
introduced me to the magazine Adbusters.
" a not for profit, anti-consumerist organization founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Shmalz in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada."
As opposed to other mainstream magazines,
for the first time I felt like I was speaking to like minded people.
I didn't feel the glaze of concern while reading;
"what gets him hot in bed"
"what overpriced Moo Moo will get you the raise".
I was reading about issues,
every day life issues,
and I could feel my brain growing from it's nutrition
rather than the usual brain junk food.
A particular article discussed the effects of makeup advertising in magazines,
specifically teen magazines.
They bring up the point that make up has,
in no way,
ever been healthy for the skin.
advertisers flourish on informing teen girls of the opposite.
They began a project in which they would advertise their
"Your beauty, Your way"
But the media reaction was appalling.
I scanned part of the article.

Let it be known,
I do wear makeup.
It's not a part of my daily regime,
but at least once a week I like to get all dolled up and sport some serious lip color.
Let it be known,
that I have also Culture Classed certain sub cultures that are known for their extreme makeup choices.
I'm not pulling any sort of hypocrisy card,
but let it also be known that I do not allow this to define me.
Makeup or makeup less I am aware of my beauty.
What my point is,
through this post,
is to inform.

How can someone know of the balance of loving oneself and merely decorating that beauty,
if they are not informed?
We need to inform our youth.
We need to inform ourselves.

*photos and article taken from Adbusters.

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