Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey Lady!

This weekend,
something amazing happened.
There was no dress code,
but there was a lingering sense of eccentricity.
It was time to be more bold than you had ever been before.
Here are some of the beautiful people who joined me on this journey...

80's teal jacket from the Highland Park Swap Meet.

Dress found in a dumpster and altered to Karina's liking.

Vintage dress.

Aldo's grandmothers sweater.
Panorama City Jeans.
His papi's shoes.
Argyle socks that he wore to our prom.

80's spandex leotard found on Etsy.
Vintage teal shoes. Thrifted.
Vintage belt stolen from my mommas closet.
Charlotte Rouse Earrings.
Braids my Naturally Us, Sherman Oaks.

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