Monday, August 30, 2010

Culver City Wallpaper

So I'm not sure if this is wallpaper post,
since I only really spotted two people in this area.
But they were so damn cute that I just had to give them there own highlight.
I was walking out of Rite Aid in Culver City,
with my contact solution in hand,
when these two adorable creatures strolled by me.
When I asked if I could take their photo they completely obliged.
Ryan was from LA.
Before I took the photo,
she told me to wait cause she had to put her bow in her hair.
Her huge, white, 80's, clip on bow.
I completely understood.
Steven was from France.
Which made him that much cuter and that much more style savvy in my book.
In fact,
had he been wearing sweats and told me he was from France,
I probably would have still taken his photo.
Call me prejudice.
When I left,
I contemplated sticking them both into the back seat of my car and running away with them to another land.
But I figured that would be a bit much.
So I'll just leave our relationship in the wallpaper.

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