Monday, August 30, 2010

The Den of Boogie

Went to see the Mod Pods perform at the Boogie Den last Saturday.
That band never fails to blow me away.
I was surrounded by some beautiful people.

Miss Myriad Slits.
Penny Pinching Princess.







Vintage Heels.
Magnolia Gowns.

Vintage Jumpsuit.

A gorgeous back and a dirty mirror.

Vintage Elephant Belt.
Swift Vintage.

Vintage Clip Ons.
Patti's Closet.

Culver City Wallpaper

So I'm not sure if this is wallpaper post,
since I only really spotted two people in this area.
But they were so damn cute that I just had to give them there own highlight.
I was walking out of Rite Aid in Culver City,
with my contact solution in hand,
when these two adorable creatures strolled by me.
When I asked if I could take their photo they completely obliged.
Ryan was from LA.
Before I took the photo,
she told me to wait cause she had to put her bow in her hair.
Her huge, white, 80's, clip on bow.
I completely understood.
Steven was from France.
Which made him that much cuter and that much more style savvy in my book.
In fact,
had he been wearing sweats and told me he was from France,
I probably would have still taken his photo.
Call me prejudice.
When I left,
I contemplated sticking them both into the back seat of my car and running away with them to another land.
But I figured that would be a bit much.
So I'll just leave our relationship in the wallpaper.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Made Up.

a close friend of mine,
introduced me to the magazine Adbusters.
" a not for profit, anti-consumerist organization founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Shmalz in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada."
As opposed to other mainstream magazines,
for the first time I felt like I was speaking to like minded people.
I didn't feel the glaze of concern while reading;
"what gets him hot in bed"
"what overpriced Moo Moo will get you the raise".
I was reading about issues,
every day life issues,
and I could feel my brain growing from it's nutrition
rather than the usual brain junk food.
A particular article discussed the effects of makeup advertising in magazines,
specifically teen magazines.
They bring up the point that make up has,
in no way,
ever been healthy for the skin.
advertisers flourish on informing teen girls of the opposite.
They began a project in which they would advertise their
"Your beauty, Your way"
But the media reaction was appalling.
I scanned part of the article.

Let it be known,
I do wear makeup.
It's not a part of my daily regime,
but at least once a week I like to get all dolled up and sport some serious lip color.
Let it be known,
that I have also Culture Classed certain sub cultures that are known for their extreme makeup choices.
I'm not pulling any sort of hypocrisy card,
but let it also be known that I do not allow this to define me.
Makeup or makeup less I am aware of my beauty.
What my point is,
through this post,
is to inform.

How can someone know of the balance of loving oneself and merely decorating that beauty,
if they are not informed?
We need to inform our youth.
We need to inform ourselves.

*photos and article taken from Adbusters.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Van Nuys Wallpaper

It's been a hectic past few weeks.
But along the rocky road, I recovered some beautiful pieces of wallpaper in the Valley.
Please enjoy.

I saw this cutie pa tootie walking up Van Nuys and made a fast u turn to snap a pic of her fierceness.
I wrrte her name on my hand, but, of course,
washed them soon after with out thinking.
Loving her risk taking style and boots!

Sincere and Erica being too cute for words.
Match a tie to a skirt, who would of thunk it!

Miles jumping in and representing his echo park roots.
Que chulo!

Angelica, looking as fly as can be and being totally unaware that I am going to sneak into her room and steal those pants.

Elizabeth came into work looking this adorable.
Her dress is from Marshalls.
Which made her that much more adorable.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey Lady!

This weekend,
something amazing happened.
There was no dress code,
but there was a lingering sense of eccentricity.
It was time to be more bold than you had ever been before.
Here are some of the beautiful people who joined me on this journey...

80's teal jacket from the Highland Park Swap Meet.

Dress found in a dumpster and altered to Karina's liking.

Vintage dress.

Aldo's grandmothers sweater.
Panorama City Jeans.
His papi's shoes.
Argyle socks that he wore to our prom.

80's spandex leotard found on Etsy.
Vintage teal shoes. Thrifted.
Vintage belt stolen from my mommas closet.
Charlotte Rouse Earrings.
Braids my Naturally Us, Sherman Oaks.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was so disturbed by the following fashion spread,
which was featured in Vogue Italia,
that for once,
I became speechless.

The photos are of models clad in designer clothing and seen,
basically beaten and dying over an oil spill
alongside oil drenched animals.

Because emaciated, beaten women is so new and artistic in the fashion world,
and the oil spill is all sorts of fun and inspirational.

The pictures speak for themselves.
When will we?

If you're interested in even furthering your despise for the commercial fashion world...
take the time to view this video so cleverly put together to endorse the ad campaign.
It's easier to watch when you completely ignore the crisis that the Gulf Oil Spill is
and all the lives it has and will eventually take.
Oh fashion world,
you clever little thing, you.

She wore an....

Found an itsy bitsy teen weeny yellow polka dot bikini at Target the other day, and i just couldn't resist.
Wore it to Zuma beach with Jamie and some friends.
Her brother took photos,
we rock climbed,
and I would not stop singing that damn song.
it was perfect.