Tuesday, July 6, 2010

lil' old Armenian chess player insipred.

It's been HOT in LA and as you can tell from my lack of posts, I've been very busy.
But this does not mean I didn't have the time to sport
those thick fabrics and high boots inspired by my fellow Armenians.

Vintage leotard from Swift, Burbank.
Vintage shorts from American Vintage, Sherman Oaks.

Equestrian boots.
Thrifted from American Way, Burbank.

Vintage Newsie cap and Vintage belt from Swift, Burbank.

I've never been afraid to take risks.
As you can see.
Mixing cultures....
Chonga meets Lil'Old Armenian Chess player.

Vintage REVERSABLE vest thrifted from American Way, Burbank.
Owl necklace, a gift from Tyla.
80's hot pink leotard from Swift, Burbank.
Vintage belt stolen from my mom's closet.

Vintage shoes from Patty's Closet, Montrose.

Necessarily large Pink Rhinestone.

To die for Vintage Newsie pants from Swift, Burbank.


  1. wow! what a great outfit. this is totally the perfect illustration of something i would never think to choose for myself (i have a strong aversion to pink, namely) but DAMN do you ever rock it! i really love it.

  2. and damn those equestrian boots... totally swooning.

  3. Love the equestirian boots with the vintage mama belt. I would rock it! You are always vintage fly though! :) I love raiding my moms old stuff for some conversation pieces.

  4. are you still moving?