Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Girl Crush!

So, I am still fairly new to this blogging world.
I've enjoyed a few blogs here and there, not enough quite yet though.
I'm not picky at all but it's easy to say that a majority of the fashion influenced blogs just aren't my style.
But a while ago I stumbled on this little lady's blog.
She's a Capricorn from Quebec and if you read her "more about me" she states:

"Instead of just bitching and complaining about the prevalence of pretty and lack of savvy substance, I decided to borrow the idea from activism communities: if you want something to exist or change and it doesn't, do it yourself. I want this blog to be a place where I can explore political notions of fashion (without using too much inaccessible jargon) and have other people give me feedback, and maybe even encourage other feminists interested in fashion to start their own blogs to start even more conversations."

A very informed woman with sick style.
Can a girl ask for anything more?
Check out her blog here!

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