Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Skater inspired.

LA hat from 711.
Yes, 711.
Panorama Mall jeans.

Oy Vey Tank.

Xavi sporting the homeboy skater look.

Aldo reminding me of a skin head, punk skater from the early 80's.

Damn, Wifey.
Looking good.
Ch ch ch...

90's skater boy.

Once again, styling.

Name Brands!

Mixing Cultures.
Chonga meets sk8er.

Cuba headband from Little Havana, Miami.
Sunglasses from when I was an itty bitty.

West Side shirt by Best Side, from Panorama Mall.

My favorite converse.
Bought them when I was 15 and are now slowly falling apart.
But they're just so pretty.

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