Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Karina, Karina.

Singing for The Mod Pods.
Karina's handmade Miss Piggy costume. Genius.


A gift from her mama.

Taking a good 20 minutes out of my life to cut open that damn cheese packet.

Handmade shirt from Swift. Sunglasses I used to wear as a child.

Vintage, floral, jumpsuit.

Karina hates feet. This is the face she makes when they are near her. To bad you can't see the mischevious face I'm making when I put them near her.

I met Karina almost two years ago and it's been a giggle party ever since.
We have an interesting relationship filled with petty arguments, and an obsession for oysters.

She lives her life just like the free artist she is.
Constantly creating, constantly questioning and constantly evoking thoughts within those around her.
She's the lead singer of The Mod Pods, teaches children theatre and paints every day.
Her form of dress is always fun and flirty.
She manages to find the cutest vintage dresses at the lowest prices when bargain shopping at thrift stores all over LA.
Shopping with Karina and I is as amazing as it is serious.

I spent a beautiful day with with her this past week, when we decided to have a picnic at Hollenbeck park in Boyle Heights.
We munched on goat cheese, reenacted SNL's Cherry Battle and talked about the injustices faced by women in popular culture.
You know, just like every other day in the life of Karina and Natalya.

It was an inspiring day that, unexpectedly, reminded me why I love this city so much.
And Karina.
When I asked Karina what made her feel pretty, she said; "Perfume, eyeliner, bloomers and pearls".

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