Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I sang Jessica "Happy Birthday" by my Junior High lunch benches, when my schools basketball team beat hers.
As annoyed as she was at the situation, deep down I know she appreciated my awesomeness.
Little did we know, that a few years later, we would fall in love.

This girl is special to me.
She's very much what anyone would want in a best friend.
Loyal, bold, funny, and willing to destroy those her hurt you.
As far as her fashion sense goes, let's just say; it's not her thing.
Not to say she doesn't know how to dress, she just doesn't really care for it.
She'd rather go to Johnny Rockets with me and giggle her way through a grilled cheese, then watch me pine over what to wear.
So instead of dedicating this post to the fashionista that she is not, I'd like to dedicate it to her ability to make me smile.
Which, as I've said before, is one of my favorite fashion accessories.
This lady makes me giggle like a brand new Tickle me Elmo.
And I'm so thankful for that.
When I texted Jessica; "what makes you feel pretty?"
She responded:
(9:25pm) Jessica: My boobs! lol jk. I'll be serious.
(9:26pm) Jessica: My womanly curves
(9:27pm) Jessica: Wait! I dunno.
(9:30pm) Jessica: Sun dressess.
(9:31pm) Jessica: ?

Oh, Jessica.
Giggle giggle.


  1. You make my life a happy place to live in. If that make any sense. I love you

  2. you are lucky to have to have such a special friend. I am still searching