Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glendale Wallpaper...

First and foremost,
I apologize for my lack of posting this week.
I'm in the process of moving to a humble new abode,
and the posts might still be a bit slow for this and next week.
I promise,
after these next weeks,
I'll never do this to you again.
Now...down to business.
When I went to go stalk the Armenian chess players in Glendale, I spotted a few pieces of pretty wallpaper.
Glendale was filled with designer wear and flip flops so this post comes to you with a...
dot, dot, dot.
I really only got the chance to photo a few original faces,
but I have a feeling if I just go back on a better day, I'll find some more originality.
So for now, admire the few pieces of pretty Glendale wallpaper...

There's a beauty in tranquility to me.
In peacefulness.
I admire it, for the most part, because I've never had it.
I'm a hot mess.
Constantly twitching, moving, thinking and stressing.
This woman defines that type of beauty.
She was sitting by her lonesome, enjoying the breeze, when I asked to take her photo.
She nodded her head and smiled, as if she has been asked that question a million times before.
I wouldn't doubt it.
She's gorgeous.
who doesn't love old lady style?

Running into Armen and Matt was pure destiny.
Their style is nothing but California cool, meets Armenian cholo.
Check out those kicks!

I spotted this little girl at the Market.
I loved her look.
There's a Gotti-ness that comes with the Armenian Lady style that I just adore.
I really, really, wanted to borrow those leggings.
She was with her grandfather and,
as you can see in the photo,
he was much more into her getting her picture taken then she was.
But I took it anyway,
because it was important for the world to see those leggings,
and one day she'll understand that.

I know we're talking Glendale here,
but let it be known that the greaser/rockabilly scene is BUMPING in the San Fernando Valley.
(No worries, there will be a future culture class on this)
So to see these two boys sporting this look in Glendale, made them that much more original.
I asked Max and R.J. how they would describe their style.
They responded;
"Greaser Punk".

by the end of the day,
I was so exhausted from all the Baklava and amateur Armenian speaking,
that I decided it'd be best to just stalk little skater boys.
you know how I feel about them.
Armando, Matt and Mariano make me happy.
And inspired.

Armando, Matt and Mariano were all sorts of underage, skater boy dreaminess.

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