Saturday, June 12, 2010

Culture Class RE-DO.

remember back in school, when your teachers would go into these tangents about their lives?
You know, when instead of just teaching you, they would blab about their memories and opinions till class finished?
My apologies.
Apparently, that's exactly what I did last culture class.
I couldn't help it!
I just got so excited.
I mean, I was tapping into some serious past times.
It was only natural for me to share those memories with you.
But after getting a couple questions in my feedback, I think it'd be best to review this class.
Starting and dealing with just two simple question;

1) What are the Z boys and who is Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva?

A) The z-boys were a group of young teen skaters, from Los Angeles, who competed professionally and began the hot craze that was skateboarding in the 1970's.
The name "Z boys" comes from; Zephy competition team, the name they went by competitively.
Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva were original members of the group and the most famous.
The acclaimed documentary "Dogtown and Z-boys" is the best reference for this historical sub culture and was directed by Stacy Peralta.

2) What exactly is skater style?
A) Honestly.
This is a loaded question.
I guess the basic accessory needed when emulating skater style would have to be, a skateboard.
From the photos we took at Venice, one would notice that there is no staple skater style, nowadays.
There was a mix of cholo, grunge, b-boy, hippie, punk, the list goes on.
There were a few reoccurring themes, however;
sneakers, brand names and tight pants.
You've gotta represent your brands.
Remind the people which products you love and live by.
You've gotta make sure those sneakers are something you want to rest upon your board.
After all, if someones taking a picture mid ollie, they're gonna notice your shoes.
And lastly, show off those legs with some tight skater jeans.
Maybe stop by the Panarama Mall, and hook yourself up with some stretchy pants.

Besides these few things, I would have to say there is not just one true format.
It all depends on how you take it.
How you see the style.
Skating, to me, represents a care-free, free flowing quality in a person that can be reflected through their wardrobe.
How do you see skater style?
Will you show me how you're inspired?


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