Monday, June 7, 2010

Chonga Inspired.

Had a blast this week trying on all that was Chonga inspired.
It's amazing how bright colors can just make your day that much more special and that much more pretty.

Jamie raided my closet and discovered her inner chonga.

Vintage jean bustier, American Apparel skirt (so old, shhh), moms shoes.

Charlotte Rouse Bracelet.

Chongo-licious def.
Panarama City Mall Jeans. Converse.

80's earrings from the Irish Fair. Ring from Charlotte Rouse.

Vintage necklace from Swap Meet.

Panarama city mall Jeans.

Vintage shoes.

So, I don't know this girl.
But when you google "Chonga" she comes up on a Miami fashion site and states that her look was inspired by Chonga.
She's adorable.
I love her.
My grandmothers hot pink nails inspired by Chonga.

Carolyn inspired by Chonga.
Skirt worn as a dress from Swift Vintage.
Handmade Necklace.

Chonga inspired dress Jessica wore this week, from Forever 21.

My new obsession.
Mixing chola and chonga.

Necklace from Swift Vintage.

Vintage earrings from Swift Vintage.

Vintage watch from Paty's Closet, Montrose.

Jamie takes pretty pictures of me. Yay!


  1. You are a natural beauty! What beautiful legs the tall girl has.

  2. thank you! That Jamie does have some pretty amazing stems.

  3. I just took my chonga inspired pictures...I'm starting to really feel it.

  4. please send me pics so I can post!!!