Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You're never full dressed without a....

One of my favorite images of a woman, is when she's smiling.
The idea of a single, happy, worry less moment captured on film, is completely inspiring to me.
I feel like, as a woman, we have to deal with enough drama, so an actual moment of happiness is that much more special.
That much more freeing.

With that in mind, I can't help but notice the array of sad, slouched, miserable women gracing the pages of magazines.Quite honestly, if I were to see a woman in the exact pose I just described, I would probably ask her; "are you feeling all right?"
I wouldn't be looking at her outfit and thinking; "fierce!"
I would be worried.
I would maybe even offer her a cup of chamomile tea to soothe her nerves.
Or give her a hug. Cause hugs from short people make other people happy.
From what I've noticed.
When did it become fashionable to feel miserable?
To feel insecure?
To feel uncomfortable in your body and the clothes you're wearing?
After all, shouldn't fashion make you feel good?
Isn't that the whole point?
Or am I the one that's confused?

One time, on a popular TV show which will remain unnamed (but I'm sure you'll be able to guess it!), the host portrayed the difference in posing for a women's magazines and posing for a men's magazine.

For the men:
-Hold your head up high.
-Tits perked.
-Ass out.
-shoulders pushed so far back you get a swayed back.
-Puckered lips or a fun flirty laugh.

For the women:
-Head down.
-Eyes up. Preferably looking away from camera.
-Slouched shoulders.
-Arms covering the curves of your body.
-Furrowed brows.
-A sad look.

That's not fair!
Why do men get all the fun?
Why can we portray happiness and perfection for them?
Yes, the levels that most men magazines go to, as far as posing, are usually ridiculous and out of line, but hey, they still get all the fun!
How come we can give them the pleasures of a confident, proud woman, but not ourselves?

It's easy to point the finger at the models.
But what about who's behind the camera?
Or the one who prints the pages?

Maybe I should stop pointing fingers.
After all, everything I just mentioned can be its own catch-22.
But, in my opinion, it would be nice to see one less sad face in a magazine.
Smiling can't be THAT bad for business.

*Marilyn via Flickr
*Linda Ronstadt via
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*sad model via rdikal


  1. Love this post! When you smile everybody smiles and that releases security, happiness and joy around you. How can you not like this! These last generations of fashion editors and designers are depressed so they project it in their work. In modeling school they tell you not to smile. What's up with this?

  2. the you tube link reminds me of you : )

  3. ha! I didn't even know there was a modeling school!? Is it a four year thing? ;)

  4. I do not think it takes 4 years to learn how to walk the catwalk! : )