Monday, May 24, 2010

North Hollywood Wallpaper

Been spending some time in NoHo the last few days and been running into some sick styles. The community has really been blossoming lately, but not in a way where it's losing its natural coolness. Lots of colors in this area. Probably from the Caribbean communities and B-boy influence from local dance studios. Here's some stories.

*Lili. Ok, so technically I was in the Burbank mall when I found her, but since she's from North Hollywood, I'm sticking to it! She was funny, she told me that she was uncomfortable cause people kept staring. Word to the wise Lili, they were probably staring cause you are so damn adorable.
* Channing. He loves to rap out loud to songs and performed a dance off with me during the instrumental break of "Beat It". He was hired on the spot. Plus, his shirt made me giggle.
*Ricardo. That's the face of someone who not only loves to dance but takes that love, very seriously. I would know.
*Jenny. She had a gaggle of pearls around her neck and bright red lipstick. I asked her how she would describe her style, she replied; "Modern glam". In love.
*Brian. He was working at an estate sale on Magnolia Blvd. and not only supplied me with good conversation, but some amazing $5 vintage harem pants.
* Darlene and Cynthia. Sweet girls just walking home from school and looking absolutely fashion forward while doing so. And yes, that's a "Hello Kitty" tattoo on her chest.

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