Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ladies In Pink

Four years ago, Sampat Pal Devi of India's northern Uttar Pradesh state's Banda, founded the "Gulabi Gang". Otherwise known as; the "pink gang".
Tired of the constant physical, emotional and sexual abuse put on the women of Banda,
Sampat Pal Devi brought women together to fight back for there rights.
Adorned in Hot Pink Saris and armed with sticks, these women have practiced such radical operations such as physically stopping child marriages, hijacking trucks filled with food meant for the poor that were, instead, being sold for profit by corrupt officials and thrashing men who have beaten there wives.

Stories like this give me the chills.

Over and over, in both the media and society, women are constantly being pitted against one another as a form of entertainment.
Blond vs. Brunette, curvy vs. skinny, sexy nurse vs. sexy school teacher.
There can never be two strong female leaders, there must always only be one.

I applaud these women for finding strength in there femininity and in each others.
As a fashionista feminist, I also find it pretty bad ass that the color they chose was hot pink.
Without sounding too crude, nothing screams vagina power more than 400 women adorned in Pink Saris.
After all, is that not the color most associated with our pretty friend?

So thank you Sampat Pal Devi and the Gulabi Gang. Today you not only made me feel pretty, you made me feel invincible.

Check out this video from Current, for more information:

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  1. Amazing! I wonder if the hot pink represents anything in their country?

  2. LOVE IT!
    This is some pretty awesome stuff, Nat. Keep it up! =)

  3. I saw this video also. Super inspiring! Much love to U for posting this

  4. Thank You! To the Gulabi Gang! Keep up the good Fight!
    Femme Power Always and Forever!