Thursday, May 27, 2010


Photography by Michael Blank.

Jamie wearing her mothers vintage Jumpsuit.

Aldo and Jamie pretending to have fun without me.

Me, being the annoying person with the camera, who is not a professional.

Steve Madden shoes.

Vintage belt found in her mothers closet.

The height difference was just too funny.

Photography by Jamie Blank.

Photography by Jamie Blank.

I heard about Jamie two years ago, when I found out she had been having an affair with the wifey.
At first I was all sorts of skeptical, knowing that this lady might be trying to steal my thunder.
In order to break the ice though, Jamie invited me to see the show "Dirty Dancing" at the Pantages.
"OK", I thought. "She likes theatre. This might work".
Then, the night before the show, she calls me and says "do you want to coordinate our outfits to match the shows theme?".
Me likey.

Ever since then, I've been falling in love with all that is Jamie and have actually been having an affair with her, behind the wifey's back.

Jamie is, really, as sweet as she looks.
Everything the Beach Boys were talking about, in the song "California Girls", is Jamie.
In fact, they should just change the title of that song to "Jamie."

She loves the sun, bright colors, outdoor adventures, being active and dressing up!
She's one of those girls that, no matter what, always looks put together.

When she's not organizing themed parties, she's a talented photographer who always seems to blow me away with the stills she can capture.
I forced her brother, also a fabulous photographer, to take her photos when I was at her house recently.
Because I like to take advantage of people's talents.

When I asked Jamie what made her feel pretty, she said "my curves".

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