Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the first date.

Since I was 15, I've gone through almost every phase known to fashion-kind.
Greaser, Hippie, Indie, Goth, 80', 90's....the list goes on.
I've never been afraid to take risks and I'm always finding inspiration in the sub-cultures of Los Angeles.
I'm a sucker for themes and color schemes.
I have an affinity for bedazzled shoes and gold rings.
Shoulder pads and power suits.
Leopard Print and acid wash.
Oh! And I LOVE SEQUINS!!!!!!!
I know, I know! This all sounds like a hot mess, but quite honestly, I wouldn't describe myself as anything but!!!
Whats most important to me, is feeling good and having a genuine smile on my face.
I feel really pretty when I play dress up.
And I feel even prettier, when I pay barely anything for the priceless results!

What fashion pieces make you feel pretty?
Come on, Don't be shy!!!

**My new obsession: vintage, lace up boots. I die.
**Kelly Bundy-esque dress from Forever 21. Vintage Leather Jacket. Vintage accessories.
** 80's Jumper dress. Vintage bathing suit from Swift Vintage, in Burbank. Vintage accessories.
** Vintage Sequins gold pumps (told ya) and, my friend Karina's, feet.
** 80's sequins sweater from Swift Vintage. Leggings. Braids by Naturally Us.


  1. solid colors because I am short : ) Love reds, black and whites.

  2. Congratulations for you have discovered that beauty is everywhere, just look and see. It is the perception of your own that creates beauty not the object itself, any good artist knows this. Enrique

  3. Im glad my feet turn you on. AT long last, A confession!

  4. Is fashion a superficial thing?? Or is it a projection of our inner works?? I love rhetorical questions for obvious reasons.

  5. I love most dresses and blouses that are floral! And I'm starting to like the old shoulder padded floral red dress I found in my mom's closet.