Friday, May 14, 2010


I met Carrie back in 2005 when she first opened; Swift Vintage.
I remember going through her store and thinking "this lady is serious".
The options were endless!!
Hats from the 40's, saddle shoes from the 50's, hippie skirts, 80's fringe jumpsuits....even jewelery that she hand-made herself!!!
Little did I know that, behind my back, my sister was becoming besties with this fashionista.
To make a long story short; we all became close friends and here Carrie is, 5 years later, still making my mouth salivate due to her amazing fashion choices.

In my opinion, the best vintage stores, hands down, are in Burbank on Magnolia Blvd.
Swift, in particular, will never disappoint.
The business has expanded and now offers one on one sewing classes.
On another note, Swift has officially opened it's own shoe store.
Appropriately called; Swift Shoes.
So now you can buy an awesome 80's sweater (with shoulders pads) after a successful sewing class, and buy some cute kicks to go with your hot,new look.

I asked Carrie what made her feel pretty.
She said, with that sweet little tone,
"Good hair days, high waisted pants, big earrings and my lady friends".

Please visit Swift's blog at

Here's to supporting small businesses and loving shoulder pads!!

*Swift Vintage and Sewing Lounge.
*Carries pretty face.
*Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Swift Shoes.
*Swift Vintage jewelry.
*Available at Swift Vintage
*Available at Swift Vintage
*Available at Swift Vintage
*Sewing classes at Swift Vintage
*Handmade necklace by Carrie.
*Wild Diva shoes from Swift Shoes.
*Carrie lounging by the sewing lounge.


  1. All you need is some incense at the store.

  2. What started America was small business. Let us not forget. Cute clothes